I love seeing my creations on you guys, and I often send out blogger samples for reviews.

I'm happy to say I get a lot of requests from people that would like to make reviews - unfortunately I can't afford to send out samples to all of you. This is why I've created this blogger review database.

If you're interested in reviewing my Foxy Paws polishes, please sign up using the form below. (International friends, feel free to sign up as well!)

I can't promise you that you will be picked immediately, but please feel certain that I will browse through the list whenever I have some spare bottles to send out. If I do pick your name, I will contact you to make sure all the details are up to date before sending. 
If you don't get picked the first time, you might get picked the next, or the next, or the next... You get it! :)

What I expect from you:
All polishes that I send to you are totally FREE, I will even pay for shipping. What I ask in return is your totally honest review on your blog, vlog or instagram, including a link back to my site, and if you feel like it, my facebook page and instagram account as well. I will provide you with these links in the e-mail that I'm sending you.
I'll be using your reviews, both good and bad, to try to make a better product for everyone to enjoy!

You don't need to have a huge following to be picked, but you do need to have some activity (posts, followers, comments) 

Please, no cheating! Don't submit an account that isn't yours! 

Thank you! <3
~ Charlotte

* If you don't get the email within a few minutes, it's probably in your spam folder! *

By signing up to this list, you acknowledge that you're giving me full permission to use any of the product review photos or content that you publish with Foxy Paws Polish products. In other words, you're OK with me quoting you or using your review photos for things like ads, Facebook posts, etc.

It's not my intention to steal your hard work -- I will ALWAYS give credit to you for your photos & swatches whenever possible!
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